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Lefty’s insane stiffness, unwavering smoothness and ultra-lightweight gives you the control and precision needed to nail any line in any terrain.
Get on a Lefty and OWN YOUR LINE

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il mago del carbonio

il mago del carbonio, Christoph … per adesso i suoi prodotti li trovate in alcuni shop selezionati e su FB, a breve anche il sito sarà pienamente operativo.


the wizard of carbon, Christoph … actually you can find hus products in some selected webshops and on his FB page, coming soon his website on duty.




Lefty PBR push-lock button and rebound dial :

Extralite for LEFTY

Per usare un attacco standard da 1 e 1/8 su telai Cannondale.
Compatibile con forcelle Lefty 1.0, 2.0 e Supermax


To use a standard 1 and 1/8 inch stem on  Cannondale frames.
It’s compatible with Lefty 1.0, 2.0 and Supermax


presto su – soon on  http://www.dream-bikes.it/shop/



valvola per Lefty

valvola di regolazione compressione per Lefty

compression setting valve for Lefty fork


catalogo 2018 – 2018 catalogue :  https://issuu.com/fulvioricciardi/docs/leonardi2018

She’s back !

… l’amore non finisce mai, dura una vita …
torna a casa, Lassie


…love never turns off, last all life long …
come back home, Lassie

SCALPEL NAKED is back  !